Thread Training And Waxing Courses

Mark The Journey of Being The Brow Guru

Care to be a brow artist? You can’t be a brow guru without threading and facial waxing techniques. Join the 1-day or 2-day threading and waxing classes from iOWA iBROW iLASH ACADEMY & Spa to excel as a brow artist.

Give Your Clients The Freedom To Have Brows That Stay On Fleek

Want to be a brow specialist? You can’t be one if your business portfolio lacks common techniques like threading and waxing. At iOWA iBROW iLASH ACADEMY & Spa, we are here to help you excel as a brow artist with our threading course and waxing classes. We know versatility is the way to skyrocket your business, so we offer one-day and two-day threading and waxing courses. Our course teaches students how to thread, when, and why to suggest threading to your clients. Our thread training will also teach you how to shape the brows and eliminate the extra hair. With our course, students starting their journey as brow artists or professionals who wish to diversify their portfolio – can benefit. You will get the opportunity to learn from the industry’s finest artists. Students also enjoy learning about marketing tactics to promote their newfound skills!
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What To Expect From Our Thread Training And Waxing Courses?

At iOWA iBROW iLASH ACADEMY & Spa, we aim to teach our students every aspect of threatening and waxing. We understand both techniques are crucial and need an abundance of precision and skill, so we are here with our threading training and waxing courses. We move forward with a motto to help everyone unlock a new section of opportunity in their business. In our threading course and brow waxing course, we cover every nook and cranny, including,

Courses We Offer

1-Day Threading Course

Our one-day threading course is an introductory session to reading and its techniques. Students enrolled in this course will learn all about the type of threads to use and different threading techniques, along with the history of threading. We also discuss why and when to suggest threading to your clients. Whether a beginner or an advanced student, this course will give your business a successful edge!

$ 999 / Person
Deposit: $100 (Non-Refundable)
Capacity: 6 Students
Hours: 7 Hours
Model: 1-2 Live Models

2-Day Threading and Waxing Course

This is a two-day threading training and brow waxing course that will give you in-depth knowledge of threading and waxing. Apart from being an introductory threading course, it will also cover threading techniques and types of threads. In this course, students will get the opportunity to thread facial hair on live models. Students will also be taught how to perform facial wax on areas like the chin, sideburns, and eyebrows.

$ 2700 / Person
Deposit: $300 (Non-Refundable)
Capacity: 1 Student
Hours: 7 Hours
Model: 3-4 Live Models

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Benefits of Training With Us

Our waxing courses and thread training is an introductory course for your business portfolio. Threading and waxing are the two most common ways of shaping the brows and removing any excess facial hair. We know that not every client is looking for permanent makeup; some just seek temporary removal. So, our threading and waxing course will help you cater to a broader clientele. Our students enjoy several benefits, including,

Why Train With iOWA iBROW iLASH ACADEMY & Spa?

Practice on Live Model

We offer various courses to choose from and are associated with top modeling agencies. With each of our courses, students get an opportunity to practice live models.

Certified Courses From Experts

At iOWA iBROW iLASH ACADEMY & Spa, we believe business strength lies in credibility, so our students receive a completion certificate, regardless of the course they enroll in.

Lifetime Support From Our Experts

Tricks and techniques for threading and waxing are always evolving, so at iOWA iBROW iLASH ACADEMY & Spa, you get assurance of lifetime support from our experts.
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