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Are you just beginning your journey as a brow or PMU artist? Ombre Brow training is a must for you to learn the tricks to reduce the make-up hours of your clients. Join our ombre powder brows training near Iowa to master the craft. Connec to learn more!

Ignite the Brow Artist Within With Ombre Powder Brows Training Near Me

Women enjoy make-up, and there is absolutely no doubt about it; however, there are days when you just don’t have time to apply full-face make-up and are in a hurry. Investing time in filling the brows won’t seem a feasible option in times like these. Thankfully, the PMU industry is here with a solution – ombre powder brows. Ombre Powder is a semi-permanent brow shading technique leaving behind a three-dimensional effect and a fuller eyebrow look. The method is the most sought-after replication of make-up-like brows. The increasing demand for this treatment has also resulted in a surge in ombre powder brows training near Iowa. If you have been searching for ombre powder brows training near me in Iowa, you can end your search for ombre powder brow training near me with iOWA iBROW iLASH ACADEMY & Spa. We offer ombre brow training, where our experts will teach you practical and advanced techniques for ombre shading. Throughout the ombre brow training, our experts will share latest techniques in the industry and will teach the craft of shading in a slow-paced and detailed manner. Join our advanced training today!
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What To Expect From Our Ombre Brow Training?

Ombre brow training is a unique brow shading technique visible from the head of the eyebrow to the brow’s tail. The shading is performed in an “ombre” effect, lighter from the ends and darker from the tail. At iOWA iBROW iLASH ACADEMY & Spa, we will teach step-by-step procedures of tattooing brows with machine technique. With our course, you can expect to learn the art of eyebrow design, adequate combination techniques, all about the golden ratio, skin types, color theory, and facial anatomy. Along with this, our ombre brow training will also educate the students about,

Our Array Of Courses


If you have no prior experience, this microblade course is structured for you. Our 1-day ombré shading course is slow-paced and detailed. Students will learn everything, from skin type, brow mapping, assessing clients, choosing the correct color pigmentation, and using tools. Our expert will also teach you marketing and advertising tricks along with tricks for ombré shading.

$ 2700 / Person
Deposit: $300 (Non-Refundable)
Capacity: 6 Students
Hours: 7 Hours
Model: None

2 Days Private 1-on-1 Ombre & Microblade Shading

Our two days 1-on-1 ombre and microblade shading course requires no prior experience. This microblading course is ideal for both beginners and advanced students as the course is slow-paced and detailed. In this advanced Microblading training, students will learn to choose the correct pigment, microblade strokes, and full shading techniques. Students will practice on latex and live models, plus they also get a FREE refresher course within 6 months of the original course.

$ 3900 / Person
Deposit: $500 (Non-Refundable)
Capacity: 1 Students
Hours: 14 Hours
Model: 1 Live Model

2 Days Microblade Shading & Ombre

Students enrolled in advanced Microblading training will learn everything from identifying the skin type, brow mapping, and assessing clients to choosing the right color pigment, use of tools, insurance, advertising & marketing, tips and tricks, and photo editing. This course also allows students to learn in a competitive environment and an opportunity to work on latex faces and live models. Additionally, students can also enjoy the FREE refresher course within 6 months of the original course.

$ 3700 / Person
Deposit: $500 (Non-Refundable)
Capacity: 6 Students
Hours: 14 Hours
Model: 1 Live Model

Churn The Benefits Of Ombre Powder Brows Training Near Me

Are you still searching for ombre powder brows training near me? Look no further than iOWA iBROW iLASH ACADEMY & Spa. We are here to familiarize you with the latest techniques and usage of the correct tool. We aim to help you build a successful business for yourself. Our experts will help you gain confidence to deliver your clients excellent results! Our ombre brows training near Iowa is a step-by-step procedure with several benefits for our students. Our course is ideal for both beginners and advanced students; further, this training session will benefit the students as follows-

Why Train With iOWA iBROW iLASH ACADEMY & Spa?

Learn Our Secrets

iOWA iBROW iLASH ACADEMY & Spa is here to teach you the secret behind ombre brows. Our ombre brow training near Iowa will take you “behind the scenes” of perfect brows! Reveal the tricks to give your clients the best-looking and sophisticated brows they’ve ever had.

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At iOWA iBROW iLASH ACADEMY & Spa, we know that an online community is essential for your business to flourish. Our experts will be available for lifetime support and will assist you with different techniques to assess your clients and take your business to new heights.

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Whether you are just beginning your PMU career or just want to add a new chapter to your business profile, our ombre brow training is the perfect course for you. We offer sought-after techniques for shading and winning your client’s heart!
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